At The Virtual Compass, we specialize in taking care of the details–your details. Here you’ll find a comprehensive team of Virtual Assistants that offer a unique blend of talents and expertise. We provide cost effective support solutions to your business challenges and we do it all with a commitment to making your business, our business. Our VA’s will support you in the areas of administrative, finance, marketing, graphic design, social media, payroll services and much more.  Our main goal is navigating our clients toward success, not only as a Virtual Assistant, but a Virtual Partner.


words from YOU

“I have worked with The Virtual Compass for nearly 5 years now – receipts, QuickBooks, invoicing, bank reconciliation, accounting reports, as well as some additional admin work as needed, and I honestly don’t know what I’d do without them! I have proudly referred The Virtual Compass team over to many of my own clients when they needed assistance, and the team has always made me proud. They have demonstrated an ability to expand their services based on my needs, and I can honestly say that my relationship with The Virtual Compass is a key component of my success for the past 5 years!”

-Mpls Small Business Owner

a word from US

“No matter what line of business you are in, the relationship between client and service provider is always top of the list. It is the element of Customer Service that will define your business and determine your success.”

-The Virtual Compass