Social Media. Why Bother for Business?

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Social media. Why bother?It’s time for us to wrap up our blog series on beating the social media overwhelm. Of course, there is so much information to share when it comes to this fantastic method of networking, communication and marking etc, we will be sure to re-visit the subject in future posts.

For now, we wanted to focus on the overall objective…

What will social media actually do for your business?

All that hard work and effort that you are putting into making your profiles have impact needs to receive results, otherwise what are we all doing it for?

    • You are getting to know your audience and your audience is getting to know you. They are learning about what you have to offer, your professional personality, your ethics and how you conduct your business and of course your latest news and developments. In return, by being engaged with your audience, you are learning what they like, what they dislike and also what they’re needs are. It’s a great way of researching what people are looking for and can work wonders for contributing new ideas, so that you are making sure you are providing what your audience want to hear, see or buy.
    • Your website is out there. You are on the World Wide Web, but how are people going to find you? By utilizing social media platforms to help divert traffic to your website, you are increasing your reach and guiding more people (hopefully potential clients or customers) to find out more about your products or services.
    • Save money on spreading brand awareness. There are no printing costs required for the visual side of your brand and you don’t need to spend time dropping flyers. Instead your brand image can be put in front of thousands…actually, millions of people for pretty much no cost at all. How can anyone grumble at that?

There are so many benefits that we could be here for a while, so instead we invite you to tell us here at The Virtual Compass, how your business has benefited from social media presence. What tips and tricks do you have to share or any success stories? We would love to hear from you.

Until next time…

The Virtual Compass Team

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