Procrastination: Get over it and get on with it!

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Are you already in business or possibly even thinking about starting one?

ProcrastinationWe need to just put out this warning, because it happens to us all…

It’s one of the most frustrating, obstructive, damaging and quite frankly irritating elements to business and life. It’s that little evil mind virus called PROCRASTINATION.

We call it a virus because quite simply, it feels like an ugly little critter spreading its horrible infectious thoughts into our brains.

Who will admit to being a procrastinator? Sometimes, it can take a lot to actually admit it to yourself. Have you ever thought about how great you are at organizing things? By that question, I mean really thought about it! Do you spend more time organizing than actually doing? Have you thought that perhaps actually getting your head involved into that task that you keep ‘organizing/scheduling’ to do, would be more productive than finding the time to do it?

When you procrastinate, the reality is that whatever you are putting off is still there! That’s an obvious statement, right?

Whether you need to work on a task for your own business, or you are providing a service to a client, it’s an important one and it needs to be completed. You need to ‘get over it and get on with it!’  If you don’t, then in quite simple terms you’re going to stop your business from progressing, or you’re causing an obstruction to your client. Nobody wants that because it just causes a result of unhappy faces.

The longer you leave it, the more you’ll put off doing it and do you know what…once you’ve done it, it’s never nearly as bad as you thought it would be.

If you are really struggling with ‘getting on with it’ have you thought about turning to a Virtual Assistant for some support? It can be the perfect way to get those tasks checked off your list.

Sometimes it can be lack of experience or knowledge that holds you back. Your VA team (yes, you can have a team!) can be made up of individuals that all have their own expertise that can be applicable to those tasks that are holding you back. What may take you 5 hours, could take them 5 minutes – now that’s what we call cost effective as well as productive.

The Virtual Compass would love for you to share your stories of procrastination. How did you overcome them? Are you still struggling to ‘get over it’?

Don’t put off seeking assistance to beat procrastination. Act on it now!

Until next time…

The Virtual Compass Team

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